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RAILWAYS transport


Cargoes‘ transportation by railway between Baltic countries and Russia, CIS countries, Central Asia is one of optimal way of transportation especially in long distance.

                We offer:

-Transportation by railcars( EC,Baltic countries,CIS coutries, Central Asia);

- Multimodal transportation by railway ;

- Bonded warehouses‘ service in Klaipeda, loading/unloading operations;

- Preparing cargoes‘ documents for railway transportation;

- Forwarding of cargoes by railway;

- Choosing optimal routes of transportation ;

- Calculating of railway tarrifes;

- Preparing cargo‘s documents;

- Railcars tracking;

- Preparing plans of lashing;

- Making oversized cargo loading schemes and their agreement with railway carriers;

- Well-timed providing cods and telegrams;

- Transportation of cargoes from/in West Europe with reloading from narrow to broad rails and back;

- Re-addressing of railcars;

- Cargoes‘ storage and preparation for transportation;

- Cargoes‘ restuffing from trucks and sea containers to railcars (and back to front);

- Acting in the name of our clients at railway stations;

- Additional insurance.